Transfer tasks between any of the following systems: Basecamp, Basecamp Classic, ChiliProject, GitHub, JIRA, JIRA OnDemand, MantisBT, Microsoft Project, Redmine.

  • Configs list with project filter
  • Edit JIRA settings


Task Adapter transfers tasks between Redmine, JIRA, Microsoft Project and other bug
tracking / task management systems.
You can transfer data between any two systems from the list below:

Supported systems

For example, you can transfer tasks between:

  • Redmine and Microsoft Project
  • JIRA and Microsoft Project
  • Redmine and JIRA
  • Transfer data between two Redmine servers
  • etc

Supported modes.

What data can Task Adapter transfer?

This varies from system to system (e.g. list of task fields supported for Redmine bug tracker is different from the one for Microsoft Project or JIRA). These are the basic task fields supported for most systems:

  • Task Start Date
  • Percent complete
  • Task description
  • Time estimate (hours)
  • Task Type (bug, feature, task, etc)
  • Task Status (new, assigned, in progress, closed, etc.)
  • Task Due Date ("finish date" or "estimated finish date")
  • Priority (High, Normal, Low, etc).
  • Task Summary
  • Assignee name (can require admin permissions for some systems)
  • Relations between tasks (e.g. "task 1 precedes task 2") - this is currently supported for Redmine and Microsoft Project only.


Here is what you need to start using TaskAdapter:
  • Download TaskAdapter
  • Unpack the distributive to any folder
  • Launch the application. An Internet browser will be automatically opened with the TaskAdapter start page.
  • Create a synchronization configuration with two systems. E.g. JIRA and Microsoft Project
  • Define what fields you want to transfer. This is different for each supported systems.
  • Start data export.
  • Everything works in the demo version? Buy the license and enjoy this awesome application!
  • Questions? Read documentation or Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions!