Github is a popular web-site for hosting Git repositories. It also offers Issues management, similar to bug trackers like MantisBT and JIRA. Although Github’s issues management is quite simple (it lacks time estimates and many other features), it is actually very convenient, fast and user friendly.

Sometimes you need to export your tasks from Microsoft Project, Atlassian JIRA or other systems to Github. This is when Task Adapter comes in handy. It saves the time you would spend manually coping/pasting tasks from the other systems.

Github configuration dialog

  • Description Any label you want to help you identify this Github config.
  • Server URL Github server URL. While most people will use, there is also a downloadable version of the same service called Github Enterprise, which can be installed locally. This is the case when you would want to change the default “” address to the server name where you install your local Github Enterprise.
  • Login Your Github login
  • Password Your Github password
  • Repository ID Your Github repository ID
  • Query Any text query allowed by Github. Task Adapter does not interpret this query, but rather just sends it to Github to retrieve data. Sample value: “milestone=7&state=closed”